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Welcome to our Ship Alerts Game, the aim of the game is to test your knowledge of OFAC sanctioned countries and potential dual-use goods…and prevent any possible sanctioned cargo from being discharged.

Step one: Click each vessel on the map and read its port history and content to decide whether it should be allowed to discharge at its current port.

Hint! When deciding whether to allow a ship to discharge or not, think about potential sanctioned countries and goods that could be dual-use (used for both civilian and military purposes).

Step Two: Choose your answer whether that is ‘allow discharge’ or ‘refuse discharge’ and watch as the ship either sinks or docks.

Step Three: Keep on playing to see your overall score at the end of the game! Don’t forget to share with friends and see who has the best knowledge!

You'll score 1 point for each correct answer - there are 10 questions.

Good Luck!
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Test your knowledge in our

Ship Alerts Game

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Our all-in-one automated solution will revolutionise the way you handle trade screening
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